Reliability, punctuality, sensitivity in the transport of


The largest producers of radionuclides in Europe entrust us with the transport and distribution of radiopharmaceuticals both to hight-tech nuclear medicine departments and to private clinics in Europe.

The continuous demand for our services allows us to have operational offices located throughout Italy and Europe to provide the best logistics services.

Ten years’ experience

Since 1993 we put our experience and passion in the transport of medicines and radionuclides.

Secure deliveries

Using operational and geolocation software, we can track in real time the packages we transport.

Guarantee for patients

The competence of the drivers and the speed of  delivery are the guarantee of our high-quality service. Radiopharmaceuticals are always administrated on time to the hospital patient.

Why choose Crisago

for the transport of radiopharmaceuticals?

ADR Certification

All our staff is highly qualified and has ADR Class 7 certification

Equipped fleet

All our vehicles are insulated, furnished with ADR equipment for the transport of radioactive packages. Our fleet is at the forefront to comply with the regulations of all the countries in which we operate

Ongoing checks

In cooperation with our Radiation Protection Expert we guarantee the safety and health of our drivers by monitoring their personal dosimetry and the level of contamination limits of the vehicle by means of WIPE TESTS

Crisago. Always. Everywhere

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