On Europe's roads since 1993

Crisago was born from the idea and dream of two associates, Archimede Luciano Crisafulli and Francesco Agostino with the aim of creating optimized solutions for transports and integrated logistics.

We have been active in the radiopharmaceutical transport sector for over 30 years. This allowed us to specialize and become one of the main partners of the most important pharmaceutical companies.
In recent years, however, we have also specialized in the transport of luxury cars, vintage cars and prototypes for the most famous car brands, which led to the recruitment of new employees and to a steady growth of our company

Stages of our journey

A story that continues day after day

  • 1992

  • 2001

  • 2002

  • 2005

  • 2021

Total support

Crisago is supported by a competent, highly qualified team, which collaborates with ADR and Radiation protection consultants. We are able to quickly solve problems and unforeseen events that may arise during the transport.

Our staff is at your disposal for any questions, committing to answer you promptly. Our goal is to professionally fullfill all needs of our customers.


Francesco Agostino
Company Owner - Sales Mgr. Radioactive Division
Luciano Crisafulli
Company Owner - Sales Mgr. Car Transport Division
Giancarlo Reggioni
Transport Mgr. Isotope FDG

Gerardo Franciosi
Transport Mgr. Isotope LUT-PSMA

Lidia D'Alessandro
Quality Manager – Car transport division
Raffaella Romanin
Transport Mgr. Isotope FDG

Martina Di Michele
Logistics Dept.

Angela Di Michele
Business Development Mgr.

Berardino Ciotola
Fleet’s Maintenance Meldola

Daniel Strateciuc
Fleet’s Maintenance Pianezza

Carla Giraudo
Human Resources Mgr.
Giulia Zaccagnino
Administration Dept.


Michel Dell'anno
Transport Mgr.

Josephine Bevilacqua
Administration and Logistics Dept.

Yann Membrado
Drivers coordinator Saint-Cloud/Troyes


Crisago. Always. Everywhere.

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