Even the major producers of radionuclides in Italy and Europe entrust us with the delivery and distribution of radiopharmaceuticals, that is, molecules used for tracing and treating oncological diseases in the Nuclear Medicine departments of the most advanced hospital facilities in Europe as well as in clinics.

All our staff has got ADR Class 7 Certification and is required to follow regular training and updating courses, in order to strictly apply the procedures of transport and safe delivery of the product.

The training and the timely delivery of the molecules guarantee to the medical facilities the radiopharmaceutical administration according to the timings and patient’s needs. Our dedicated  vehicle fleet is essential for the exclusive transport of radioactive substances.

Our staff boasts the support of an in-house ADR Consultant, who can classify the materials and plan the transport according to the Rules in force, so that we can meet all Customers’ needs.

The transport of radioactive material requires a dedicated and exclusive equipment for each vehicle.

All cars must be insulated and covered with smooth and washable surfaces.  A vertical lead wall and a box for the containment of radioactive packages must be placed inside. Extinguishers, a trolley and a suitable refrigerator must be on board. In summertime, trips must be carried out at controlled temperatures, using refrigerating equipment.

Monthly, through the use of SMEAR TEST, the ADR Consultant checks the decontamination status of the vehicle, both for the protection of the product and for the safety of the driver’s health.

Today the CRISAGO vehicle fleet offers even 25 vehicles for the transport of radioactive molecules.



The major distributors of medicines in Northern Italy has entrusted us with the sorting, dislocation and distribution network in the pharmacies throughout Piedmont, Lombardy, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta. Our collaborators provide for the preparation of the cases, following the preparation orders for every single pharmacy, making the sorting widespread and in compliance with control procedures.

Once the cases have been prepared, our collaborators place the products on our vehicles, all equipped according to the Rules of Laws that protect the transport of medicines, and are delivered on precise schedules established by the end customer.

In order to carry out an accurate and flawless service, it is essential to use reliable and professionally prepared staff as well as to have one’s own fleet of vehicles in different sizes and brands, accurately prepared and subjected to methodical checks and maintenances. These principles have enabled us to guarantee customer satisfaction.



Over the last years, given the market demands, CRISAGO has equipped itself and specialized in the transport of luxury cars, vintage cars and prototypes for the most important car brands in Europe.

It has invested in the purchase of vehicles with a capacity exceeding 35 quintals with a closed load compartment, so that it can preserve the privacy, safety and integrity of cars of the highest value, as well as to preserve their origin and their destination.

The prerogative of the service is also to satisfy wealthy and high-ranking customers thanks to our drivers who are trained to comply with a discretion and good manners code so that they can guarantee courtesy and satisfaction to the most demanding and special customers.

Because of the ceaseless development in the transport of luxury and racing cars,  the Company has expanded its vehicle fleet by investing in the purchase of a new VOLVO FH 460 truck with a transport capacity of three cars.

The main feature of our vehicles is the exclusive setting up that is analyzed, developed and arranged to guarantee a safe and dedicated transport and with the aim to protect all the goods from any risk to which they are subjected when they are in transit.

Moreover, CRISAGO stipulates insurance policies tailored to the exceptional and valuable transports, for the protection and full coverage of our Customers’ goods. It applies and complies with all applicable International transport Rules, always updating all the certifications and disciplinary directives of each Nation in order to protect and ensure the good result of the service.